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The oldest writing in the world has been decoded

by Dr. Stephen Guide, a Bulgarian-American residing in California, said numerous media reports immediately before and after the press-conference held on March, 29, 2006 at the BTA in Sofia, Bulgaria

This is a discovery about the dawn of human civilization. It goes back to a historical period called the Eneolithic (Chalcolithic) Era. It reflects the story of the oldest civilization known in Europe, called by the broadest term Ancient Europe. Dr. Guide’s work represents a sensational discovery about the oldest known inhabitants of Ancient Europe, whose ethnic name has come to us through the classical ancient writers such as Homer, Herodotus, Pythagoras, Plutarch, and many others. It tells us the story of the rediscovery of Ancient Thrace and the people who were called from times immemorial simply “The Thracians”. These people were known to Herodotus as “the most numerous ethnic group, second only to the Hindus” and to Homer, who wrote his Iliad, as “people who reminded him of the gods”.

Our modern understanding of history shifts and changes faster than ever these days with the advent of the Internet communications era. The reason is apparent – unprecedented free and unhampered access to multiple global information streams, allowing the broadest ever data harvesting and source analysis. Such unique new possibilities are especially relevant to the researching of the most ancient history of the world, since access to the most ancient and unique document sources of the past, had also been the hardest to get in previous years, for multiple reasons of various nature.

And since Dr. Guide’s work identifies and decodes writing on artifacts from this time-period, making it now “historic”, due to the proven existing written “historical record”, it shifts the known boundaries of the “pre-historic” era to at least a couple of millennia earlier in linear time…

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